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Medical Cool Box 22 Hours

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Medical Cool Box 22 Hours

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Medical Cool Box 22 Hours


High capacity fast cooling intelligent inverter-controlled system. This professional portable medical cooler can store between 3 and 5 insulin injector pens or 9 insulin or about 20 refills. It keeps your medicine at a cool 2° - 8° Celsius in 30°C ambient environment with a temperature range of between 2° - 25° Celsius. A long 12 hour stand-by is provided from its powerful built-in 10400mAh Samsung battery. The External Battery and Internal battery used in conjunction with each other will give approx 22 hours. The lasting time is determined by the setting temperature . In the 25℃ ambient temperature, if your temp. is 2℃ , the lasting time would be shorter; if your tem. is 8℃, the time will be longer. Ready for travel with the provided car charger and portable bag inclusive when you purchase this outstanding medical cooler. Includes: 1 x MCB ; 1 x Samsung internal battery (Around 10 hours) ; 1 x External Battery - (around 12 hours) ; 1 x UK Adapter ; 1 x European Adapter ; --Please Note-- All guarantees on electrical equipment are for one year from date of purchase. The guarantee will be invalidated immediately if the product is used in conjunction with multiple adapters, extension leads or via a faulty wall socket or cigarette lighter. All household electrics should have had a PAT test and must be conform to the latest electrical standards. If an extended warranty is not put in place with the purchase of your electrical equipment, no liability whatsoever can be taken by the Cool Ice Box Company Ltd once the 1 year guarantee after the date of purchase expires.